2008 – Online

Online Division
Radio Affiliated Online Journalism
First Place: KCBS, San Francisco
Second Place: National Public Radio, Washington, DC
Vikki Valentine, David  Malakoff, Alison Richards
“NPR’s Climate Connections”
Third Place: WBAL, Baltimore, MD
Mark Miller & WBAL Staff
Television Affiliated Online Journalism
First Place: ESPN, Bristol, CT
Wayne Drehs
“Ray of Hope”
Second Place: WBAL, Baltimore, MD
Christopher Vaughn, Katie Lange
“Domino Sugar Plant Explosion” 
Third Place: No third place award given


Newspaper Affiliated Online Journalism
First Place: Des Moines Register, Des Moines, IA
“The Iowa Caucuses”
Second Place: DallasNews.com, Dallas, TX
“Unequal Justice”
Third Place: DallasNews.com, Dallas, TX
Karen Dee Davis, April Kinser, Lauren Allison
“Bandwidth.29.2 SXSW Music Festival”
Magazine Affiliated Online Journalism
First Place: Nevada Magazine, Carson City, NV
Matt Brown
Second Place: CNNMoney.com, New York, NY
Chris Peacock
Third Place: Newsweek.com, New York, NY
Diedre Depke
Online Videography
First Place: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, MO
David Carson
“Reporting for Duty”
Second Place: Las Vegas Sun, Henderson, NV
Zach Wise
“The Burning Man Experience; Electric Playa; New Frontier Implosion”
Third Place: Miami Herald, Miami, FL
Ricardo Lopez
“Health Diplomacy”
Online Slideshow
First Place: The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH
“Johanna: Facing Forward”
Second Place: Boston Globe, Boston, MA
Charles M. Sennott, Bill Greene
“A Promise to Keep”
Third Place: Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL
Kuni Takahashi
“Our Hidden Poor”