2020 – Grand Awards

2020 Print Division


“Uncovering abuse at reform school for boys” – Lisa Gartner
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Judges’ comments: ​A reporter’s long quest into the dark culture of a Pennsylvania reform school reveals an atmosphere of brutality and violence. So damning are the facts and so compelling are the stories from those who suffered that the school is shut down.



First Place
“Police Thwart Attack” – Tom Fox
Dallas Morning News

Judges’ comments:​ Gun violence is on the rise in America. But we rarely look into the eyes of the perpetrator moments before law enforcement officers return fire and end his life. This haunting photo asked much of the photographer. To look through the lens and make this frame he pushed aside fear and took chances that could have ended his life.

2020 Broadcast Division


First Place and BEST IN SHOW
“City On Fire: Chicago Race Riot 1919” – Natalie Moore, Jeremy McCarter and Mikhail Fiksel

Judges’ comments:​ This documentary recounts the harrowing events and painful legacy of the 1919 Chicago Race Riots by creatively fusing drama into the reporting, both captivating and educating the listener. This reporter interjects much life into the drama of this look back in history. She wrote the script for this re-creation by the actors. This is innovation that grabs the attention of those turned off by “the news.”


First Place and BEST IN SHOW
“The Kincade Fire: Battle to Save Alexander Valley” – Katie Nielsen, Bob Horn, Devin Fehely and KPIX Staff

Judges’ comments:​ We all want to see the “big picture,” but sometimes the “small picture tells a different story. Here is a close-up, house by house recounting of the battle for a rapidly spreading fire. Mesmerizing. I’ve seen lots of fire footage but this really brings it home.


2020 Online Division


First Place and BEST IN SHOW
“In El Salvador, violence is driving girls to kill themselves” – Almudena Toral, Patricia Clarembaux, Mauricio Rodriguez Pons, Jose Osuna and Justine Simons
Univision News Digital

Judges’ comments:​ “Femicide Suicide” in El Salvador is death by suicide resulting from physical and mental abuse. This Univision entry blended compelling spot news video, heartfelt personal stories of fear and loss, illustrations, data, reporting to reveal the threats women and girls face in El Salvador.