2023 – Online


Online investigative reporting for digital-only website

First Place
“Thousands in northeast Oregon left with unsafe drinking water after years of state inaction”
Oregon Capital Chronicle staff
Oregon Capital Chronicle

Judges’ comments: The Oregon Capital Chronicle took a serious pollution problem, which the state had known about for 30 years, and pointed a light at it and sparked reform. Thousands of homes were hooked to wells that were tainted by nitrates from a variety of sources. The news outlet’s research resulted in emergency declarations and fines against the polluters.

Second Place
“Patients for Profit: How Private Equity Hijacked Health Care”
KFF Health News staff
KFF Health News

Third Place   
“Cannabis Card Game”
Ed Mahon
Spotlight PA

Online investigative reporting for digital partnerships with other news outlets

First Place
“The Uber Files”
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists staff
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Judges’ comments: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ investigation revealed how Uber literally took the world’s leaders, its customers and its drivers for a ride as it pursued world dominance.

Second Place
“Pentagon contractors engaged extensively in trafficked workers despite ‘zero tolerance’ pledges”
NBC News, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, The Washington Post and Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism staff

Third Place
“The Ericsson List”
Sydney P. Freedberg, Maggie Michael and Amir Musawy
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Online beat coverage

First Place
“Who Counts?”
Center for Public Integrity staff
Center for Public Integrity

Judges’ comments: A detailed report on voting issues from the history of noncitizens voting to gerrymandering. An important contribution to understanding how a democracy works, and the challenges of equitable voting.

Second Place
“Documenting the Death Penalty”
Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith
The Intercept

Third Place
“Space Beat Coverage”
Elisha Sauers

Online news video up to three minutes

First place
“Eternal Optimists: Farmers Battle Historic Drought”
Rebecca Slezak
Dallas Morning News

Judges’ comments: The video combined elements of good storytelling by showing how ranchers adapted to battle drought, providing the facts and conveying emotion in a well-edited piece.

Second place
“Inside the Forecast: Dems Attempt to Dodge Inflation Woes”
Renee Klahr, Steve Shepard and Monica Akhtar

Third place
“The Real Impact of a 1-Foot Rise in Sea Level”
National Investigative Unit and National Digital News Desk
Hearst Television

Online news video 3 to 10 minutes

First Place
“GMA Digital: Dear Future Survivor”
GMA Digital staff
ABC News

Judges’ comments: “Dear Future Survivor” is an extremely moving telling of how young mass-shooting survivors have been affected. The video, produced to mark the 10th anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, gives voice to teens through letters they’ve written to “future survivors.” It’s personal and powerful and brought tears to one veteran journalist’s eyes.

Second Place
“Nye County Crash Investigation”
Rachel Aston, Arthur Kane and Rhonda Prast
Las Vegas Review-Journal

Third Place
“Why People Risk Their Lives Hunting For Deadly Explosives”
Insider Staff

Online video 10 to 30 minutes

First Place
“ABC News Live: The Women Left Behind”
ABC News Live staff
ABC News

Judges’ comments: Ian Pannell’s 22 years of experience covering Afghanistan gave viewers the historical context of the all-too-human story of the women and girls left behind in Afghanistan. The writing, visuals and interviews offered an intimate look at the heartbreak and resilience of the women in the aftermath of the U.S. withdrawal.

Second Place
“Inside the Dance School Helping Kenya’s Teen Mothers”
Bloomberg Staff

Third Place
“4 Deaths, 4 Serious Injuries”
Newsday staff

Digital presentation of a single news topic

First Place
“The Safest Place”
Mark Friesen, Noelle Crombie, Samantha Swindler, Dave Killen and Beth Nakamura
The Oregonian/OregonLive

Judges’ comments: The Safest Place gives students a chance to tell the story of gun violence in their own words. The presentation features include video, photo and text that are easy to follow and together they take readers into the school and into the lives of those directly and indirectly affected by incredible pain and loss.

Second Place
“In Survivors’ Words”
Seattle Times staff
Seattle Times

Third Place
“Fatal Dose: A City’s Fentanyl Failure”
The Chronicle Staff
San Francisco Chronicle

Digital presentation of a single features topic

First Place
“The Planet’s Most Threatened Flight Path, and the $3 Billion Plan to Protect It”
CNN staff

Judges’ comments: Call to Earth, the multimedia presentation by CNN documenting the growing dangers facing migratory birds, captures the audience. The flow of the reporting through audio, images, video and mapping was a delight. A complex subject explored almost to the point of entertainment. Well done.

Second Place
“First Foods: How Native People are Revitalizing the Natural Nourishment of the Pacific Northwest”
Lynda Mapes, Erika Schultz and Lauren Frohne
Seattle Times

Third Place
“Warehouse Nation”
Insider Staff

Social media

First Place
“The POLITICO Show on Snapchat”
Jackie Padilla, Meiying Wu, Dan Ashwood, Monica Akhtar and staff

Judges’ comments: The POLITICO show feels native to the platform. The journalists draw in viewers by showing their personalities while providing news in the concise constraints Snapchat requires.

Second Place
“GMA Digital: Breaking the Mental Health Stigma for Black Women”
GMA Digital staff
ABC News

Third Place
“ABC News Digital: ClimateNOW”
ABC News Digital staff
ABC News

Civic/political affairs podcast

First Place
“Going for Broke”
Ray Suarez, Alissa Quart, Shannon Henry Kleiber and Staff
Economic Hardship Reporting Project
To The Best Of Our Knowledge from WPR/PRX

Judges’ comments: In “Going for Broke,” we are pulled into the life of real people who have had profound economic problems in their life. With in-depth interviews, this podcast takes you in-depth and discusses potential solutions. Host Ray Suarez, who has been open about his economic struggles, does a nice job in the interviews.

Second Place
“High Turnout, Wide Margins”
Brianna Lennon, Eric Fey and KBIA Staff

No third-place award given

Narrative podcast

First Place and BEST IN SHOW
“Unfinished: Ernie’s Secret”
Staff of Scripps News & Stitcher
Scripps News & Stitcher

Judges’ comments: In a category with many strong entries, “Unfinished: Ernie’s Secret” stands out. The fact of the story is simple: a prominent civil rights era photographer was also an FBI informant. But the nuances, humanity and historical context are what separated this work. It draws from a range of sources, including FBI documents and the result is a compelling work of great journalism.

Second Place
“SOLD OUT: Rethinking Housing in America”
Molly Solomon and Erin Baldassari

Third Place
“Sent Away”
Curtis Gilbert, David Fuchs, Jessica Miller and Will Craft
APM Reports, KUER and The Salt Lake Tribune

Information podcast

First Place
Embodied Staff
North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

Judges’ comments: This podcast wraps you in the warmth and comfort of a conversation with a good friend. She’s sitting right across from you and telling you about things quite private. Listen; there’s a lot you’re going to learn and that may make you feel better, too!

Second Place
“Click Here”
Dina Temple-Raston, Sean Powers, Will Jarvis and Karen Duffin
Recorded Future News

Third Place
“Twenty-Four Seven: A Podcast About Caregiving”
Kitty Eisele and staff
Texas Public Radio

Criminal justice and/or crime podcast

First Place
“Murderville, Texas”
The Intercept staff
The Intercept

Judges’ comments: Suspenseful, dramatic, deeply reported, important, emotionally resonant. These are the words that come to mind after listening to the “Murderville, Texas” podcast. Intercept reporters Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith fully employ the podcast format to tell a compelling and relevant story about the scariest of criminal-justice nightmares: a death row inmate who may be innocent.

Second Place
“Unsealed: The Tylenol Murders”
Staff of the Chicago Tribune and At Will Media
Chicago Tribune/At Will Media

Third Place
“Cruel & Unusual”
A.J. Lagoe, Brandon Stahl and Gary Knox