2024 – Grand Awards

2024 Print Division


First Place and BEST IN SHOW
“Shakedown City”
Miami Herald Staff
Miami Herald

Judge’s comments: This is not only an “only in Miami” story; it’s an “only in the Miami Herald” story. A mayor with presidential aspirations who has 13 secret “side jobs” with developers and others with civic interests, who is also promoting a Ponzi-type cryto bank for city paychecks (until the day it evaporates), a $10,000-a-month developer payment for, say, consulting on a Coconut Grove project isn’t enough. You get to throw in Arabian money, a Kremlin oligarch, Miami Grand Prix, Gloria Estefan and David Beckham … And a pack of gumshoes from the Miami Herald who in their traditional fashion break revelation after outrageous revelation. Results: Investigations from the state attorney general, the SEC, the FBI and the IRS among others. Only in Miami: the Herald asks for the SEC’s paperwork on the mayor and is denied. Because, the agency explains, it is part of an “active investigation.” That’s one way to get a confirmation. This is the greatest documented municipal corruption project we have seen in years … possibly since the Miami Herald’s last one.

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First Place and BEST IN SHOW
“A Single Shot”
Sam Gomez
The Oregonian/OregonLive

Judges’ comments: Out of town visitor to Portland, Oregon, Samuel Gomez takes a stroll downtown which becomes a nightmare as he witnesses the fatal shooting of a road rage victim, and as Gomez raises his smartphone to record the scene, he is shot (in the leg) by the gunman who then pulls away from the scene in his car. The shooter is apprehended and Gomez survived the gunshot. The Oregonian published the picture showing the gunman and his fallen victim as the gunman takes aim – and fires – at Gomez.

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2024 Broadcast Division


First Place and BEST IN SHOW
“Sacred Dog”
ESPN staff

Judges’ comments: What’s so special about a relay race on horses? Everything. It’s a celebration of Native American culture and history, dating back to the introduction of horses to North America and the tribal competition of who has the fastest horse.  It’s a motivating positive force in reservation life, constantly challenged by poverty, alcoholism and drug addiction. “It teaches kids how to stay alive.” ESPN provides Kentucky Derby level production value in cinematic visuals, symphonic sound design and captivating story following families fighting for pride and survival, in both the sport and life.


First Place and BEST IN SHOW
“When conditions align, skaters seek out ‘wild ice’”
Dan Kraker
MPR News

Judges’ comments: When conditions are just right, Minnesota’s famed lakes create perfect conditions for ice larking – and this delightful and thorough adventure from MPR comes with a symphonic rendering of the many sounds the just-right ice can make.

2024 Online Division


First Place and BEST IN SHOW
“Slavery’s Descendants”
Reuters staff

Judges’ comments: History and journalism are full of tales of half-truths and other misinformation. Like reporter Tom Lasseter, for whom this is also personal, the reader doesn’t know what to expect or what’ll be revealed. The remarkable efforts Reuters put into the production lead us smoothly along, letting us hover or click on links uncovering more and more.